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So Christmas has come and gone. :) It was pretty anti-climatic this year. We didn't have to pack up all of our stuff and drive for hours. LoL. So that was nice, I think that is what made it seem almost like Christmas wasn't quite here till Christmas Eve.

Not to mention that working six days a week from middle of November to New Year's was not my favorite thing. I hate the holiday season while I work in retail. It was a nightmare. Boo. I am so glad that the crazy shoppers and attitudes are days from being gone! Yay! :)

I closed the store Christmas Eve, but it got better after I got home. T and I sat up with the family for a while, and then when they all went off to bed, we had our customary drink. We each had a pint of Smirnoff Ice and drank to the year and watch tv. :) Good times. LoL. :) We watched the season finale for Dawson's Creek at T's insistence...it was interesting and as angst filled as I remember the first season being when it aired back in the day.

Christmas Day was ok. We opened presents and then some of my family left. I took a nap till lunch was ready and then we all sat at the table. Wasn't that fun? I'm so glad we only have to do that twice a year. I don't think I could live through more than once at Thanksgiving and one more at Christmas. The family drama is way too much, it almost came to figurative blows...if glares could kill people, half of us would be dead. omg.

I had to open the day after Christmas so that was a very short break. But now that the store has settled down with the holiday rush over I think I am going to start having two days off a week again. Hallelujah. I need the break. :)

Here is the long awaited tattoo, at least long awaited by [livejournal.com profile] tattoo_kink.

Also I was feeling crafty awhile ago, and I made a hat! So here is the picture of me and my hat! My first one, and I think it turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself. :)

Anyway, that's the update and all the fun stuff that has been happening in my life.

Oh and in case anyone needs a code for dreamwidth, I now have two to share. :)

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