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So FML w/ today. I didn't even realize what it was until last night. No time to prepare, no thinking about what I was going to do today...hibernate until August 2nd or whether I thought I was going to cry for a solid 24 hours.

Well, it's almost 8 p.m. and I haven't done either. What I have done, is spend the last 24 hours with my sister within arms reach almost the whole time. I guess it makes it easier for me not having Dad if I can see T for myself. Know she's ok, that'll I'll be right here if she needs me.

We have done an admiral job of spending time together, taking comfort in each other without even talking about it. I guess to some that seems dumb; but we know what today is...we don't really need to talk about it.

When I came over to T's last night we played Spades, talked shit, laughed a lot, sang through a couple playlists, and finally sat down to watch one of my favorite movies. We started Noises OFF, which if you haven't seen it, go do that, now. It fabulous. Of course it has a lot of listen close humor, or you'll miss it. It's still a great movie. The end is the best. No lie.

Anyway, there was a short interlude for all the quizzes in Cosmo...poor T.2... T.2 is T's bff and the only guy who was at home last night, so he had to answer all the questions...it was so embrassing for him. LoL. And very funny for us...he he he.

After the Cosmo debacle we restarted Noises OFF, finished that movie, and then argued for the longest time about what we wanted to watch next. Finally settled on Mulan. LoL. Yes! I own the largest collection of Disney DVDS of my generation in my family. LoL. What can I say? I loved the movies of my youth!

After Mulan was over we T and I quoted movies for almost 40 minutes. T.2 was very irritated w/ us...he said he would have went outside to sleep it wasn't so "f*ng hot"...lol...poor thing. We crashed around 9:15 this morning. I slept until about 11:45. FML. It was too hot in the house to sleep. Today's high was close to 103 F...fml.

So, T is off to PMT training for the next week, even though she isn't getting deployed. They want to train her just in case...she's not happy about that. Not a whole lot she can do about it. We're almost done putting together her gear and stuff that she'll need for the next week. Then it is off to have dinner w/ Meem's and the fam. S, one of my favorite cousins, is home for the weekend, and I'm excited to see him.

Pops made brisket and dinner should bee good! not to mention a brand new Leverage! Yea! Best thing about today...some silver lining, right?


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