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Life in Oklahoma. What can I say? Aside from my laptop being stolen, has been pretty fun. It's not boring to say the least. :) I will recount the first couple days here in Oklahoma, becayse while it's not boring it is a lot of rinse wash and repeat...lol.

Actually, we'll start in Missouri on my last couple days. Went to the baby shower in STL. We went to the zoo...who goes to the zoo for a baby shower? Especially w/ a girl who is 7 months pregnant? Us. LoL. Only the girls in my house. It was so f*ng hot that I can't even properly describe it. But the visiting was worth it. Best thing ever though had to be the picture we took at the end. It was the only one I have of all of us, and it's such a good picture.

Then I go home, pack up most of my stuff in my car and wait for T. She left late because of Drill, and didn't get in till almost 1. She calls me when she is on my street and I go to unlock the back door. As she opens the gate she swaggers through, "I have arrived! I am here to save you, and carry you from this desolate land..."


My sister...lol...she never says stuff like that, she says stuff like this. Me - "When are you going to be here?" Her - "I don't know. I don't plan this shit..." LoL. This is how most of our conversations are like...talking shit and quoting movies. But I'm not sure if it was what she said, or the presentation, but I about died laughing. It was priceless.

So she gets here, I have to keep her quiet as we walk through the house because J had already gone to bed, and C-dog is such a barker...and a damn nusaince...As we walk by she is whispering really loud, and is like "F* J! and her loud ass dog..." Yea, she is out spoken...but soooooo funny.

We get to bed and then don't go to sleep. We end up talking till almost 5. Then I get a call from my young cousin K 2, she wants us to come visit. I have no sooner hung up from that phone call that I get another calling me for an interview in Lawton! Yehaww! I am happy. Woot.

Wake up, finish packing, start driving, stop @ AC's house to see the Ks and UD. Get back on the road, make a stop in Joplin for gas, and then keep on driving. We were going to drive the rest of the way in, but we ended up stopping in Chandler for the night. Thank God...so tired.

We get up and head on in. Its another 3 hours but it's the end of the road.
Here's what happened when we arrived.

Arrived. Alive, believe it or not. We pull up to the house, and my cousin J.D. is standing next to his ex-wife L. Which is wow. I haven't seen them together since M's funeral. Meme's house was neutral terroritory for the exchanging of T.D's stuff. T.D. is their daughter who hops from parent to parent as she likes. Anyway, talk about awkward.

So the caravan left, we unloaded some of my crap. T decided she wanted my chest of drawers since it would be sitting in the garage. Unloaded all the stuff around it and headed off to T's house to drop it off. We went in, and didn't leave till time for dinner, and the dresser wasn't unloaded...hmm

Back at Meme's we bring w/ T's new guy, who I like. He's a fun kid. Chill out for a couple of hours and then head back to T's for a movie night. I apparently hadn't seen any of the "Holy Trinity" of movies, and I was told that it was like not knowing Jesus...lol. The holy trinity for these kids is as follows: Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Vanwilder, The Hangover. LoL. I don't even know what to say about that...

We watch FSM, and then the drinking begins...They make their way through a 30 pack of Coors LIght, and I drink a whole 6 pack of SI myself. There were drinking games to be had that were frickin' rdiciulous, and beer pong. LoL. It was a night of first. But I survived, and it was a lot of fun.

I didn't go to sleep until around 4:30 am. Every available sleep surface was utilized. All the love seats and the couch had people drapped over them. I claimed a chair and angled myself in it...That was awesome until I fell asleep. I had one foot propped up on the back of the sofa and when it fell off I jerked myself awake and almost out of the chair...fail...@ 6 this morning when T's boyfriend left I went and crawled into bed with her. I caught about 4 hours sleep before I had to be back at Meme's to help...the dresser is still not unloaded...lol

Arrived at Meme's for Tacos and chat time. Now it's off to start the large list of ridiculous tasks set before me. Ugh. I was thanking God I had an interview on Saturday. Tha'ts all I gotta say.

Now, I went to the interview, didn't get the job because the interveiw lady was like "I am looking for the perfect candidate. And w/ your large background in English and books, you should look for something more to our tastes..." Then why did you call me in? You know my background...you have my resume...lol. Oh well.

So applying for more jobs. You know what I hate about the job market? When you send out resumes or e-mails about positions, you would think common courtesy would be to reply w/ "the position has been filled..." or some other shit. Not replying just irritates me... *shake my fist at the job market*

I did have another interview at Hastings. It is a movie, books, games, music store. It was a group interview and there were 5 of us present. We all sat in a semi circle while 2 managers asked us some of the strangest questions. I.E. - What is our favorite color and why? How is our fridge organzied? What's our favorite book and why? Who would be our best friend if we only had to pick from people in the circl...all of whom we had just met...? What 2 books would we take if the world was ending? Things like that. Now, there were normal interview questions sprinkled in there. What did we think we could bring to the table? What was our favorite part of our last job? What didn't we like? And then they asked us about what we would do if we were all managers for a day. I suggested changing the layout to encourage impulse buying, they seemed to like that. :)

One of the girls asked what was the chances of all of us getting hired? It was very high! We all got hired! Yea baby! :) Woot! Woot! We all had to go for a mandatory drug screen, but no big. Now waiting for the results to come back and for training to be scheduled. YEA! So excited...now, I just have to remember that I CAN'T spend my whole paycheck at work...hmm...we'll see how this goes...lol. :)

Besides the interview, the rest of my time has been spent chilling at T's house, playing Spades, watching moveis, chilling out, and talking shit. I stay over there till late each morning. Go back to Meem's house in the wee hours. Crash on the couch and start the whole process over.

Most days though I help out around the house before heading out. I cook, clean, do the grocery shopping, help out w/ the renovation at Mum's house, do the dishes and some laundry. A little of this and a little of that. I don't mind. I got a pretty good deal, I mean, aside from sleeping on the couch...I get to live at Meem's rent free. Don't have to pay for groceries, laundry or gas anymore. All I have to do is pitch in for a few hours.

Then I get to head over to t's to have some fun. :) Yea. Overall, the transition from Missouri to Oklahoma is going very nicely. I'm pretty pleased. :) All my worry about having no one to chill w/ or any friends has bit the dust...I even have a nickname...lol. :) 2 weeks and I'm a part of the group. :) I'm happy I moved home. :)

The only gray spot was the theft of my laptop from my car, but I've already whined about that...see the other entry...this borrowed computer has it out for me, so ther will be no quick cuts...

So that's my life in a nutshell.

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