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So I was on here the other day and realized how long it had been since I had posted. I was surprised. Part of that is due to the fact that I am no longer in possession of a laptop at my dispense whenever I want, which hopefully will be rectified by Thanksgiving! Hallejuah. I'm a losing my mind. :) Anyway, the other part is definitely due to the fact that Hastings has become my life since I started work. It's crazy.

Today was my second day off, and yesterday was my first day off in 8 days. I was frickin' tired. Top it off? They wanted me to come in yesterday, I told them no. Today? I went in for a few hours to help out because corporate is coming by tomorrow. So while I wasn't at work long, I did put in some time. Also! While I'm bitching about scheduling issues, I am giving off up my Saturday, which is also supposed to be my day off. FML. Oh well, comes with the job title and paycheck, I guess.

Life hasn't been a whole lot different since I last posted. Except now I add work into the mix, and rinse wash and repeat. T is still my whole world, and I am enjoying this time to reconnect. It's pretty awesome, not gonna lie.

Oh, drama w/ T. So T is dating M. T+M=relationship? NO...T+M = some f'd up shit. T is dating M, but she totally has feeling for T2 who we call B. He is frickin' adorable, and I adore him beyond measure. But T doesn't want to break up w/ M b/c he hasn't been a jerk to her. I guess the chance at happiness w/ someone else isn't reason enough to leave a miserable relationship, but w/e. I would like to say I wash my hands of it, but I can't she's my sister, and I got her back. Even if she does end up choosing M, though if she does, just for the record...I will be supremely pissed. But only, because when she's with B? She fuckin' lights up. Like he just makes her world so much better by just standing right next to her...If I had a chance at that, you can bet I would do my best to hold onto that. :)

So that's my life. Go to work, see T, play spades...there are a LOT of spades played...like copious amounts...lol, and do it again. I was nervous about the move, but I'm kind of loving it. :)

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