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So it is the 2nd of December, and for me Christmas is almost here. :) I know that technically we have 23 days till the actual day, BUT I love the whole month of December.

I used to love it for the ineveitable snow that would fall, but having moved several hours south of my previous location pretty much seals the deal that snow will not be in my future...sadly. Don't get me wrong, we have snow every now and then, like last years BLIZZARD. But not regular fun snow... The blizzard we had last year was the first in almost a hundred years, and it is likely to be another hundred before we get that much snow again.

So what has happened since my last update? Hmm. Work. R's visit, and more work.

R came to visit from Missouri. This was her first roadtrip, and I have made the executive decision that unless she has someone else with her it is prefereable that she doesn't go on anymore...lol. Poor thing got lost on her way out of town and was all turned around. But we'll get to that later.

She arrived late on Friday night. We went out to eat, grabbed some Starbucks, went to my store, and then went home where we watched the last Harry Potter movie as a refresher for seeing Part 1 the next day. We were up late watching T's puppy who is a menace...lol, loveable though he is. :) We also made an appearance at the craft fair and I bought some shiny bangles! :) Te he!

Then we get up, go have the best pancakes in the world at IHOP, and are off to do some shopping before the movie. I picked up my Mum's present. It is a very pretty companion piece to the Opal ring T bought her. We grabbed some snacks and Kazoozles, yummy fruit punch things from Wonka candy. And found some good seats. :)

The movie was good. It was actually probably one of my favorites since 4. I loved the way it stayed true to the book. It was nice. And also a good thing they split the movie into 2 parts, I don't think I could have sat still in that theater a moment longer...lol.

After the movie we had subs at Quiznos and went home to watch Sense & Sensibility. I made it to the introduction of my beloved Cnl. Brandon, and then I was out like a light. T was there for part of the movie, but ended up leaving around 3 a.m. to go see B. Only flaw with this plan? She didn't take her dog...when asked why she said she couldn't find him...lol. :)

Sunday we slept in and then ventured out to our mountain. :) It is called Mnt. Scott, but it isn't the biggest mountain I've ever seen. It is a pretty drive out there and we took some nice pictures which I have yet to see...grr at R. She seemed pretty fascinated by our windmill farm, and snapped a dozen or so pictures of that. I love going to Mnt. Scott. There are big rocks and it's like a giant natural jungle jim. :) I had lots of fun, and R wanted to push me off on the cliffs for making her wander all over...lol. :)

We finished our night at home with an impromptu visit from some family from Missouri and then we went to watch T bowl for awhile. There were yummy Indian Tacos to be had and movies to be watched later.

R then left at 5:30 the following morning. I helped her carry her stuff to her car and watched her head off. So I did the only thing a true friend would do...I went back to bed...lol. :) Only to be woken up about 15 minutes later with her on the phone frantically lost...It would have been more amusing than annoying if she would have just made a freaking U turn! But she refuses to! 24 years old and refuses to do a U-turn...LoL. So I talk her into going down half a mile or so and turning around. I describe the area about her as she passes everything and guide her onto the correct road. I did eventually get on back on the interstate, but I could have strangled her...lol. I do adore her, and she was so very sweet in coming to see me.

So that was R's visit. :) All that crammed into 4 days. :) Whoo. Since the visit I have put in lots of hours, survived my first Black Friday in retail, and watched ALL of the Harry Potter movies in order. My friend RI from work wanted to see 7 but couldn't remember everything so we started at the beginning and worked our way through them. Good thing we work at a place that rents movies...lol. :)

In other news I almost have all my shopping for this year done. I have to buy some gift cards and a present for RI, but other than that I'm all done. Yay!

I'm off to get some coffee and go see T. I'm supposed to collect her at some point so we can decorate the tree at Meme's house tonight. :)


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