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So last weekend was Mother's Day. And surprisingly enough, I actually got to spend it with my Mum. I was pretty stoked, not gonna lie. I hadn't seen her since Christmas, and the whole living 10 hours apart was starting to get to me. I've never been a super clingy person, but in the last couple years I have developed a crushing need to know my family is whole and well. I dont' necessarily need to talk to them every day, a text message or a facebook post is enough. I just need confirmation that they are all ok. Off topic, but whatever...back to Mother's Day.

Whole trip was pretty uneventful. Saw my Mum and sister. We all met sort of in the middle at one of my aunts' houses. Mum had to drive for a doctor's appt. so we were all there for that. One would think that it would be stressful, you know, the yearly exam that we all dread. We sit in a crowded office full of other people who don't want to meet anyone's eyes. We huddle in little clusters. But you can tell, you can see who is there for a check up, and who is there because they KNOW they are getting bad news. Well, I've been there and done that, so thank God that's over. Yearly exam...ugh...I hate the month of May, if only for that reason. I dread it. I know its a necessity, but I'm gonna be truthful and say that every year I am for sure that I am going to pass out before Mum is every called in... I logically know that the appt. is a check up, and unless they change up her meds, she is going to walk in and walk out and we'll go to lunch and Goodwill, and call it a day. Just so everyone knows, my Mum is a Goodwill whore...lol...its good to know that somethings will never change, no matter what...lol...

So I make it through the appt. with marginal discomfort. I feel like an anvil is sitting on my chest, which has absolutely no connection to the fact that my sister who is almost 6' is using me as a human body pillow...the entire time Mum is sequestered away with her Dr. I know my Aunt is right with my Mum, using her nursey knowledge to translate the Dr. speak for my Mum. But it doesn't make me FEEL any better. Especially since I know this is just a preliminary for the "real stuff" ...aka... blood work. FML. Sitting in the Dr. office? 30 minutes, no big. Waiting the week to hear back for the Dr. about Mum's levels? Excruciatingly long... And the worst part? Is if nothing is wrong they don't even call to tell us...its the "no news is good news" Bull Shit. Anyone who has ever said that and actually meant has never been waiting for the answer to a question that could change your life. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't hold it against the Dr. They are super busy, and I KNOW that they don't have time to personally call every patient to tell them that they are in the clear for another year. But I wish I would get a sign. My mother on the other hand breathes a sigh of relief after the 10 days is up. If we don't get a call in 10 days we, meaning Mum and Aunt only, are good for another 11 months. I can't do it that way though. I always have in the back of my head scenarios of mislabeled blood work, a delivery to the wrong office, back log...so I don't breathe easy until about 2 months have passed. I figure in that amount of time, not matter WHAT the scenario, they would have finished running the tests and checking them twice, and if a call was warranted, we would have heard.

And the count down begins...Come July I will breathe easier for another 10 months. *sigh* FML. I hate deadlines, especially when I set them and there is nothing I can do to speed up the process...

On to more fun things. Over the weekend Mum, Sis, and I watched several movies, cooked, played cards, and sniped at each other. All in good fun, but with an underlayer of stress. We're all ready for me to move home. The distance is wearing us all thin. So I'm winging a prayer up top asking, no begging...for a job closer to home. I'm ready for the distance to be less than 2 tanks of gas and 10 hour drive.

Funny little side note, [livejournal.com profile] harem_priestess gave me a website to look at that is a tutorial for HTML. I was super stoked to look at it and see what I can teach myself. :) Speaking of that, look ^ I put in a link to her lj...cool, huh? LoL. Kind of dumb. But I was super pleased with myself. And that extended to me and my sister sitting up late one night in bed listening to Jeff Dunham's Arguing with Myself.

I bet your wondering how...lol...So she was texting away, because she is a texting machine. I mean thousands of text messages a month...its almost ludicrous! But it kept her busy, and left me time to peruse this. I spent about 40 minutes working on the first tutorials, I had made my own little web pages with headings and links and what not. I was so pleased I pulled T from her texting to see my works of art...lol...not so much a work of art as a feeble step in the right direction. T just patted me on the shoulder and said "good job"...kind of anticlimactic... However! she was suitably impressed when I showed her I could code in a link to facebook on my boring little web page. :)

Anyway, still working through the tutorials, but I am super excited! :)

Yea me!


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