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Life is about to get interesting...the reason?

A bundle of joy that we will get in about 8 months...I'm gonna be an aunt!

T is having a baby. My little sister is having a baby! A tiny person with tiny fingers and tiny toes!

Someone I can cuddle and spoil and adore!

Oh my poor credit card...I can feel it cringe from here...

I've got plans already. Oh! I need to get a spiral so I can start making lists...Baby shower stuff, a list of stuff she'll need, some to make notes about the appointments we'll have to go to, another list of things she receives as she gets it...

OMG. so much to do...

Oh!!! I was the first one to talk to the baby!! When T showed up at work with the pregnancy test, I held her while she cried, the leaned down to talk to the baby and tell her/him Hi and that they would be loved. :)

I am also bidding on a baby John Deere blanket. It has a baby farm animals on it! Too cute!

Alright, I'm off to mark some of the things off my list of lists...lol...

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Count Down

Jun. 28th, 2010 03:04 am
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