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So I can safely say, I can survive 24 hours without my laptop. Surprising I know. Yesterday morning I woke up early to catch some extra hours at work and when I got back my computer was behaving really weirdly. You know, pop ups about viruses and being unprotected...lol... It was irritating, but non life threatening. I was hoping it would make it through the 3 day weekend. Went to take my nap before my evening shift, and it wouldn't play my music! No Enya!!!! How was I supposed to sleep? Easy...didn't.

Ugh. So I goggled computer repair and found someone who charged a flat fee of $55 for virus removal and pc tune ups with a 1 day turn around! One day! Woot! I then delivered my precious into the hands of a stranger and tried to catch some sleep. Ha! Went to sleep about 10 p.m. A ridiculous time for me. Don't know what I was thinking... Slept for about 2 hours, woke up got a drink of water and went back to sleep. By 2:00 a.m. I was wide awake. No chance of going back to sleep...what to do? Usually I would pull over my laptop, read, check facebook or lj, no dice.

To Wal-mart I go! Went shopping, got a movie from Redbox, cleaned up the kitchen a little. Only wasted about an hour...damn. I watched Dragonball: Evolution. Something I said I would never do. But, hey, I was desperate. Alright. James Marsters was the draw to the movie. He was so made up that the only recognizable part of him was the cheek bones that defy logic...yum. Finished the movie, watched the special features, and worked to go back to sleep.

6 a.m. rolls around and I finally make it to sleep. Woot! Sleep for about 2 1/2 hours, and then!!!! The alarm to go pick up my baby! She is fixed and running beautifully! Yea!!!!

So, all is right in the world!


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