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I was moving my dresser from the Durango into my sister's house for her use last night, when someone stole my laptop out of the front seat of my car...My car was locked until we unloaded the car, and we took the drawers in in one trip and the dresser itself in another trip, it took 10 minutes at the most...They stole my laptop and left my behind my purse that was sitting right next to it. I wish they had stolen my purse...

FML. I have a great deal of things on there that I don't have saved anywehre else. All my papers for Grad school, my picutres, all of music...It isn't anything short of depressing...There was so much time and energy in that computer that I am physically ill.

There will probably not be any posting for a while...my G-ma's computer is down as well, so I have no connection to the internet...fml.

oh my poor laptop...
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So I have spent the last two hours working on a table for my profile page...I was pretty proud of it too...only the color didn't translate...how sad is that... *pouts*

It needs some work, lol, especially the spacing and what now. But I had the background color matching the rest of my profile and I was super stoked...now sad days...

Oh well, I'm headed to bed...I'll take a look at it when I get home from work.

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I posted a note about [livejournal.com profile] thankyou_kripke a couple days ago. Since that time we have reached our goal of $3,600. I was excited to be a part of this! It makes me smile.

But the whole reason for this post is the bidding has finished for the Supernatural Cast & Crew Wrap Party Present. I didn't win, or even bid, but the reason for the OMG is because of the amount of money that it went for. Wait for it, wait for it...done waiting? Ok, it went for $1,025!!!!

You read that correctly! One thousand and twenty-five dollars...I'm speechless. Really. This means that because we have already made our goal that the $1,025 will go to a Kripke supported charity. :)

Go us!

Supernatural ♥ all around!


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