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Life is about to get interesting...the reason?

A bundle of joy that we will get in about 8 months...I'm gonna be an aunt!

T is having a baby. My little sister is having a baby! A tiny person with tiny fingers and tiny toes!

Someone I can cuddle and spoil and adore!

Oh my poor credit card...I can feel it cringe from here...

I've got plans already. Oh! I need to get a spiral so I can start making lists...Baby shower stuff, a list of stuff she'll need, some to make notes about the appointments we'll have to go to, another list of things she receives as she gets it...

OMG. so much to do...

Oh!!! I was the first one to talk to the baby!! When T showed up at work with the pregnancy test, I held her while she cried, the leaned down to talk to the baby and tell her/him Hi and that they would be loved. :)

I am also bidding on a baby John Deere blanket. It has a baby farm animals on it! Too cute!

Alright, I'm off to mark some of the things off my list of lists...lol...

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I am happy to announce that I am now the proud owner of Christian Kane's c.d., House Rules. :)


It is being imported into Itunes as I type!


Best thing ever about it? I bought it at my store, got an employee discount, and new music. :) yay!!!!!

I'm off to listen to my new c.d ;)

Ohh...maybe I should read some Leverage fanfiction...never done that before. Oh, but his voice...lol. ;)

p.s. I'm curious to see what the Sammy mood theme is for happy...hmm?
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The first crisis of the new laptop has been averted...

It's true, I've only had my new baby in my possession for almost 12 hours...most of those where I was unfortunately detained in hell... *cough*read work*cough*

And I have lived through my first problem. Nothing google and some determination couldn't handle.

I was on my journal page, and I apparently had two fingers on the mouse pad at the same time... While this might have not been an issue for my old laptop, apparently, it is for this one. My mouse pad has the "pinch zoom" enabled. So I can "pinch in" or "pinch out" and my screen will adjust to the size I want...

I am familiar with the technology, its used on my Iphone, and it'swholly unnecessary on my laptop...hell, I only use it on my phone when I play Angry Birds...lol.

So there ya go, crisis averted. Yay.

Now, I'm off to bed, because I have to be at work in *checks watch* 5 & 1/2 hours...fml. But its ok...know why? BECAUSE when I get off I'm gonna come home and play on my new computer for hours and I am being completely truthful!!!

ha ha ha


p.s. I was slightly sad for a moment just now...I wanted to have *smug* as my mood, but it's not an option. Sad days. So, satisfied it is! :)
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Let there be rejoicing! For I now have a shiny new laptop...and it is wonderful! :)

So fast, so pretty, so wonderful!

I love it.

It has 4gb of ram, upgradeable to 8! A 500gb hard drive! And the new Intel I3 processor!!!!

SOOOO Amazing!


My life is now complete...hmm

And the background of my new baby? Nothing less than two hot Texans. :)

HMM hmm!

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I heard about the change in the LJ TOS so, as a back up I got a dreamwidth account to save all my ramblings.


The Apocalypse is upon us...
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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Sunday I gave [livejournal.com profile] catwalksalone a wet willie, then I took it back (-5 points). In October [livejournal.com profile] sarkywoman and I donated clothes to the needy (11 points). In May I gave [livejournal.com profile] masterlist415 a kidney (1000 points). Last Thursday I gave [livejournal.com profile] nocturniquette1 a life-saving blood transfusion (50 points). Last Tuesday I ruled Iran as a cruel and heartless dictator (-700 points).

Overall, I've been nice (356 points). For Christmas I deserve a new bike!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:
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So I just had my day MADE! I was at the mall with T when I stumbled across Strawbs! They are yummy gummy candies made by Haribo. I discovered them while in England, and have been terribly depressed I couldn't find any in the states. None! I had to resort to looking to see if I could order them online...

But, that was too expense, so I decided to just go without. But the drought has been brought to an end! I now have my favorite candy from abroad...if I could just find some ace that sells Volvic water I would be completely happy...until I get to go back to Europe. :)
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Being sick sucks...

being sick and having to work sucks even more...

being sick and having to attend a funeral sucks even more than that...


I wanna feel better.
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I was moving my dresser from the Durango into my sister's house for her use last night, when someone stole my laptop out of the front seat of my car...My car was locked until we unloaded the car, and we took the drawers in in one trip and the dresser itself in another trip, it took 10 minutes at the most...They stole my laptop and left my behind my purse that was sitting right next to it. I wish they had stolen my purse...

FML. I have a great deal of things on there that I don't have saved anywehre else. All my papers for Grad school, my picutres, all of music...It isn't anything short of depressing...There was so much time and energy in that computer that I am physically ill.

There will probably not be any posting for a while...my G-ma's computer is down as well, so I have no connection to the internet...fml.

oh my poor laptop...


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